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Introducing Takino Shirt

kinobi and takino

We would like to introduce you to a Japanese concept known as "kinoubi".

"Kinoubi" is defined as "beauty in form and function." More specifically, the beauty one finds when something functions well, and does it with elegance and style.

Here at Takino shirt, our philosophy of design is based on the concept of kinoubi: Create simple yet effective solutions to complicated problems. If one elegant product can solve the entire problem, embrace the simplicity and back it up with excellent craftsmanship, design, and materials.

And this is how we arrived at "Takino."

Borrowing the "kino" from "kinoubi", and adding "ta"; or "many", takino literally means "multi-functional" in Japanese. In English, it means "this shirt just made my life much simpler, cooler, smoother and I look good wearing it!"

Whose complicated problems did we set out to solve with our Takino shirts?

Well men, consider the playing field evened and the problem solved. And you'll look hot as well. We exist to help you tame your technology and stay stylish and fashionable as you're doing it.

Takino Secure, smart, and with many hidden secrets; Like you.
And that's what our tag line "Unseen Style" means.
Because sometimes style isn't just about what you can see, it can also be about what isn't seen as well.

Here we'd like to divulge a little bit more about what makes us unique. We hope that you'll never look at a button-up shirt the same again.
From now on, expect more and demand more from your shirts.

takino pocket shirt secret

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