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Super Thin Day Planner Top Image

Super thin pocket day planners

Nano anti wrinkle stain proof ten pocket shirt

About our pocket day planners

takinoPLANNERS: Style and Function align once again in the Pocket Planner from Takino. In colors to coordinate perfectly with our Ultra-Thin Wallets, and sized to slip unseen yet conveniently at hand into the pocket of any of the Takino line of executive men's dress shirts, this very special and much-needed accessory is designed to make you look as professional in practice as your choice of Takino men's clothing makes you look in style.

Takino Shirt Pocket Planner Style:

We help you fight the battle of the "bulge"

Are you tired of thumbing through business cards while a potential new client waits, fumbling to find one that has the right business name or doesn't have a contact's number scrawled on the back? Are you sick of losing straggly slips of paper scrawled with important notes, or missing an important appointment because it never made it onto your desk calendar or computer? Embarrassed by looking untidy, disorganized and unprofessional in front of important people?

Takino has the solution.

made for each otherSuper-slim at just over Ĺ" deep, this planner lets you organize the business cards you deal with every day as well as important notes and calendar items. Two pockets with side tabs hold 15 cards each and are ingeniously designed to be accessible even when the Planner is closed. Ideal if you carry more than one type of business card or collect as many you hand out. Two more pockets on the left hold 5 cards each; the bottom pocket with an extra overlay to protect an ID, an -emergency banknote- or credit card, or key card if you're on the road.

Built durably right into the center is a 6-ring binder to hold any of the standard day planner notepads / calendars / address books / expense diaries available at stationery stores and online, as may suit your needs. And on the outside, a pen holder so you never miss a beat in scheduling that next appointment ? or jotting down an interesting new phone number!

Pocket Planners and Takino pockets; Made for each other

Imagine the professional difference in impression you'll make when you slip this Takino Pocket Planner from your unseen inner pocket and are perfectly prepared to hand over a clean business card or make note of a client's schedule. Made in Japan for quality and durability, this Planner is one accessory you will use every day and never want to be without.

open day planner

1. Day Planner available in 5 colors

2. 9.842" Open, 4.3" x 5.7" x .59" Closed, thinnest day planner available!

3. Two pockets hold up to 15 business cards each

4. Two pockets hold 5 credit cards each

5. Pen Holder

6. Oil-tanned leather

7. 6-ring Binder accepts notepaper and day planner tabs and sheets easily available almost everywhere

8. Hand crafted in Japan

Pocket Day Planner Material:

100% Calfskin

Ultra thin Day Planner Colors:

Ultra-thin day planner colors Cream / White


Standard: $115.00
Custom Orders: Contact us

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