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Nanotechnology for Shirts top image

Nano technology for shirts

Nano anti wrinkle stain proof ten pocket shirt

Super nanotechnology fabric

You've already seen how the innovative master designers of Takino shirts have embedded technological convenience and security into the very styling of their shirts.

What you cannot see is how their technology has taken the meaning of security to a whole new level. 

Using nanotechnology, the high-quality material used in Takino shirts is designed to remain crisp and fresh, resistant to wrinkles, stains and odors, even after long days of travel, work or play.

Each shirt is treated at the molecular level with a long-lasting compound of zinc oxide, using an advanced technique developed in Japan.

Zinc oxide exhibits superior antibacterial performance against many types of bacteria. Additionally, by controlling the propagation of bacteria, it prevents body odor from being captured and retained in the shirt.

The unique properties of zinc oxide actually provide a deodorizing effect, even in the absence of light, even at low temperatures.

And that's not all! The special resin - a nano-class molecular structure – with which the material is treated, makes it naturally resist wrinkling and repel spilled liquids. At the same time, it makes difficult for general greasy dirt and sebaceous matter to bind to the treated fabric. And, even if they adhere, they can easily be washed off. No more “ring around the collar” for you!

The treated fabric will not lose its softness after repeated washing.

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