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100% Egyptian Cotton Men's Dress Shirt

Egyptian Cotton and Relaxed Cotton Men's Dress Shirts

Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirt / Men's Business Shirt Line

About this line of cotton dress shirts

takinoCOTTON 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton: 100% Egyptian cotton to breathe and provide the ultimate in style and comfort.

takinoCOTTON 100% Comfort Relaxed Cotton: Playful pinstripes in a European style for fit and elegance.

Takino 100% Cotton Dress Shirt Style:

Pure comfort and performance in wrinkle resistant natural two-ply cotton for an impeccable appearance all day long, these men's dress shirts are timelessly styled for the technology-aware executive in two different types that look just right in any business or play environment.

Add a tie to this innovative apparel and only you will know just how prepared you are for business or pleasure.

With the form fitted hidden 6 internal and 4 external (including the nested left breast pocket) pockets you've come to expect from Takino, you will truly be dressed to impress with your PDA at the ready (on a date, you'll want to keep it in your pocket as much as possible F.Y.I.), and feel confident that the cool gadgets you brought with you that morning will return home safely with you that night.
Or the next morning.

100% Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt Line

For a slightly more European look, our Egyptian Cotton men's dress shirt is soft, elegant,
"buttoned-up" but gorgeous unbuttoned and untucked as well.

This is the shirt your girlfriend / lover / wife keeps stealing from your closet.

The comfortable classic cut goes for soft volumes and is certain to make you feel as great as
you look, whether that day's destination is a power meeting with clients or a romantic picnic for two.

100% Egyptian Cotton Shirt Features and Styling:

  • Hand-sewn buttons & Applied placket with hand-sewn buttons, 7-button front; extra buttons sewn in side seam
  • Single-needle tailoring for smooth look with double-needle side seams for durability
  • 6 internal pockets and 4 external; left breast pocket nested for security
  • Pockets made with a unique double-layer structure. Keeps contents secure & prevents bulges, lumping and stretching. 
  • Contrast collar liner for grime and dirt prevention
  • Anti static / static resistant cuff liner
  • Two-button adjustable barrel cuffs with hand-stitched buttons in the tailored sleeve placket
  • Machine washable

Shirt Fabric:

100% Pure Egyptian Cotton


White, Powder Blue, Pink


Standard: $135.00

buy from the takino shop

Custom Orders: Contact us

Why Egyptian Cotton?

What makes Egyptian cotton our preference for these men's cotton dress shirts?
The cotton from Egypt has a longer fiber than other cottons, which means the fibers are more continuous when creating threads.

From ancient times, Egyptian farmers meticulously and diligently selected only the finest cotton for picking. Our shirts continue that tradition.

 Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt Line ColorsThe thread is smaller in diameter allowing more threads per square inch.  When more threads are used, the fabrics are stronger and the small diameter of each individual thread allows the fabric to feel light and breathe easily.

A really good shirt is always a great investment. Even with washing and wear Egyptian cotton remains soft and strong and is sure to become one of your favorite shirts.

100% Egyptian Cotton Shirt Colors:

Powder Blue Solid
Light Pink Solid
White Solid
Egyptian cotton shirt fabric colors: Powder Blue Shirt, Pink shirt, white shirt

100% Relaxed Cotton Dress Shirt Line

Amazing style, amazing comfort, fun pinstripe.

100% Cotton Relaxed Style Dress Shirt Line

For that slightly more soft and relaxed fit with a button-down look, our 100% Comfort Cotton men's dress shirt line goes effortlessly from corporate to casual. Like the Egyptian Cotton line, it also features a slightly longer hem to enhance your appearance even when worn outside your slacks. Soft, sharp looking, stylish but the same ingenious 10 pocket styling you have come to expect from takino shirts. Your new wardrobe staple.


Standard: $125.00

buy from the takino shop

Custom Orders: Contact us

100% Comfort Cotton Shirt Colors:

Light Blue Pinstripe
Dark Blue Pinstripe

Shirt Fabric:

100% Pure Cotton

Takino Pocket Secrets: Our Big 10

cotton secret reveal

reveal shirt secret

1. Double Pocket:Put your public transit tickets, business cards, credit cards here

2. Cell Phone Pocket: Double-layered to prevent sagging and has a flap that prevents the cell phone from falling out of your pocket when you bend over. No more falling into a sink or toilet or onto the hard floor.

3. Pen Pocket: Sized perfectly for a pen, or use it as a catch for glasses.

4. Multi-Pocket: Can contain a small notepad, planner, small book

5. Wallet Pocket: Like the name says, use this pocket to securely hold your wallet. takinoWALLETS are fitted perfectly.

6. "Precious Things" Pocket: Secure button gives you extra peace of mind. Plane tickets, passports, travel documents, cash all go here.

7. Blackberry (P.D.A) Pocket: Extra work phone? P.D.A.? Blackberry? They go here.

8. Portable Music Player Pocket: Where you keep your iPod, Zune, or MP3 player

9. Key Pocket: Has a flap to keep those sneaky keys from getting away

10 "Other Small Things" Pocket: for the little things you need- mints, gum, lip balm

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