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Nanotechnology fabric 10 pocket shirt

Nano Anti-Wrinkle, Stain-Proof Ten Pocket Shirt

Nano anti wrinkle stain proof ten pocket shirt

About this line of shirts

takinoNANO: Nano shirts have 10 hidden and reinforced pockets specially shaped to fit your high and low-tech devices, fabric treated with special anti-bacterial, wrinkle resistant, odor suppressing and stain resistant nanotechnology, hand-sewn buttons and more.

The dress shirt for the businessman who knows where heís going and for the man who wants to arrive looking great.

Takino Shirt Style:

At Takino, we say you should never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

With a longer, non-buttoned collar, the Nano shirt has a “sportier” edge to it, allowing you to leave your jacket at home yet still look sleek yet carry all your effects.

Versatile, this shirt has side pleats making it either an appealing alternative to a jacket when worn untucked, but also looks good tucked in.

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Don't settle for anything less than Japanese cutting-edge technology

Each shirt is treated at the molecular level with a long-lasting zinc-oxide compound,
using an advanced technique developed in Japan.
Nanotechnology allows these shirts to stay crisp through all the long hours of work and beyond.
You won't need to keep a "back-up" shirt for dinner after work, date night, or for meeting up with friends.
Even after hours of wear, the nanotechnology keeps your shirt fresh and keeps you on top of your game.

Nano Treated Fabric is:

  • odor-eliminating, anti-bacterial
  • stain-resistant, liquid-repellent
  • wrinkle-resistant

To read more about the amazing Nanotechnology used in the fabric of these shirts, click here >

In addition to the great benefits nanotechnology has on these shirts, you can also expect these quality measures: 

  • Hand-sewn buttons
  • Contrast collar liner for grime and dirt prevention
  • Anti static / static resistant cuff liner
  • 6 internal pockets and 4 external; left breast pocket nested for gadget security, right pocket tabbed for style
  • Pockets are constructed using a unique double-layer structure that helps keeps contents secure while preventing bulges, lumping and stretching. 
  • Nano Shirts: Black Men's Shirts, Pink Men's Shirts, White Men's Shirts
  • 7-button front; extra buttons sewn in side seam, Side pleats to better align with the actual shape of your back, rear yoke, Curved hem shirt tails
  • Two-button adjustable barrel cuffs, with another hand-stitched button in the tailored sleeve placket
  • Machine washable

Shirt Colors:

Black, Pink, Yellow, White, Navy, Light Blue

Shirt Fabric:

Special Nanotechnology Treated 65% Poly, 35% Cotton Blend


Standard: $189.00

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Custom Orders: Contact us

Secret Shirt Pocket Power: The big (but "unseen") 10!

nano secret reveal

reveal shirt secret

1. Nested Left Breast Pocket: Ideal for credit cards, public transit tickets, business cards

2. Cell Phone Pocket: Double-layered to prevent sagging.  Has a flap to prevent the cell phone from “jumping out” of your pocket when you bend over-- into a toilet or under a car.

3. Pen Pocket: Sized perfectly for the always handy pen, as well as a catch for glasses

4. Multi-Pocket: Ideal for our takinoPLANNERS Pocket Day Planner, a small notepad, or a small book

5. Wallet Pocket: An inside pocket to securely hold your wallet (aka your life), safe from dropping, safe from pickpockets

6. “Precious Things” Pocket: A button closure provides peace of mind that you wonít be losing important things, such as your passport or airline tickets

7. PDA Cell Phone Pocket:  Keep your work cell phone or PDA in this pocket

8. MP3 / iPod Pocket: Great for keeping any portable music player handy

9. Key Pocket: Has a flap to keep those sneaky keys from getting away

10 “Other Small Things” Pocket: a great place to keep the essentials-: chapstick, breath mints, gum

Grime free collars and anti static cuffs

Looking good and feeling confident has never been easier!
Your lines remain distinct and clean with Takino's innovative and hidden multi-purpose pockets. These hidden pockets allow you to subtly keep all your toys and tools safely stored without lacking sophistication and style.  With the external appearance of the quintessential dress shirt / sport shirt, you can easily wear these shirts at the office with a tie and slacks or dress them down for any occasion with a casual, unbuttoned collar and a pair of jeans. Wear this shirt for its style and you'll get the added bonus of its amazing hidden features.
Only you will know just how much you hide beneath your smooth, clean surface.

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