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Shirt Jacket Travel Shirt

Shirt Jacket Travel Shirts

Shirt Jacket Travel Shirt

About this line of Shirt Jackets for travel and play: This isn't your dad's travel shirt

takinoTRAVEL 10 Pocket Shirt for travel and play: 70% cotton / 30% poly blend for high style and a low-maintenance comfort. Fewer wrinkles, less headaches. This will become your new "go to" shirt when you're, well, going somewhere.

takinoTRAVEL 14 Pocket Shirt Jacket: 100% cotton for comfort, strength and flexibility; eight external pockets and six more on the inside ensure this shirt is all you need for peace of mind, comfort and style wherever you travel in life.

Takino Shirt Style:

Here at Takino, we want you to know that you don't have to sacrifice style or comfort for peace-of-mind; you can now have it all. We'd like to offer you what we think is the only truly sensible and good looking alternative to fanny packs available on the market today.

The ultimate necessity for the traveling man, the shirt jacket is made of 100% cotton for strength and flexibility, and of course, comfort.  Eight external pockets and six more on the inside (most secured with buttons or hook'n'loop tabs to guard against loss) ensure it's all you will need for secure access to all you need, wherever life takes you -- no additional bags required. 

These travel shirts boast convenient pockets for your passport, portable music player, wallet, glasses, and whatever else is essential to travel with confidence. Our shirt jacket allows you to dress semi-casually (and comfortably) without losing your style and image. Wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt for a fuss-free, stylish look. We think this is the ultimate in "unconcerned" style.
Why "unconcerned?
Because you won't even think twice about the location and safety of your belongings, which are organized and stored securely in your bulge free pockets.  These pockets are made of the same fabric and print as the rest of the shirt, making these jacket shirts one of the most discrete and safest ways to travel with your belongings.

10 Pocket Shirt Jacket Style Travel & Play Shirt

Poly blend for fit and low maintenance comfort

10 Pocket Shirt Jacket Style Travel Shirt

Cut to top off your ensemble in an easy-care cotton / poly blend for wrinkle resistance, our travel & play shirt is available in white with red stripes and white with bold blue stripes. It features a slightly longer hem with less curve at the hips to enhance your appearance even when worn outside your slacks. The comfortable classic cut goes for soft volumes, and is certain to make you feel as great as you look.

You can leave the bulk behind without sacrificing your technological conveniences when you take to the road, whether it’s for an extended journey or simply a day’s outing.

Six internal pockets hold your precious belongings securely, safe from pickpockets or accidentally being dropped or left behind while in transit. These hidden pockets allow you to subtly keep all your toys and tools safely stored without lacking sophistication and style for carefree travel with confidence.


Shirt Colors:

striped travel shirt colors Grime free collars and anti static cuffs White with Blue Stripes
White with Red Stripes

Shirt Fabric:

70% Cotton / 30% Poly Blend


Standard: $135.00

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Custom Orders: Contact us

14 Pocket Shirt Jacket Style Travel Shirt: 100% Cotton

Travel Shirt Multi-Pocket Power: 14 Pockets, 1 Safe and Secure Trip

travel secret reveal

reveal shirt secret

1. Double Pocket: Tickets, receipts, quick access items

2. Cell Phone Pocket: Double-layered to prevent sagging.  Flap prevents accidental dropping / loss

3. Pen Pocket: For a pen if you have one, great for hanging glasses and sun glasses as well

4. Multi Use Pocket: Day planners, pocket diaries, note pads fit here

5. Wallet Pocket: Inside secure wallet pocket; prevent pickpocketing and dropping.

6. Valuables Pocket: Passports, cash, tickets go here safely and securely

7. P.D.A. / Work Phone Pocket:  For all other electronic devices you need and need to be secure

8. MP3 Player Pocket: Keep your portable music players; iPods, Nanos, Zunes etc. on hand, but not in your hands, here

9. Key Pocket: No more digging; this pocket has a flap to keep your keys handy

10 Small Things Pocket: a great place to keep the essentials- chapstick, mints, gum, breath spray

11 - 14 Small Things Pocket 2: Tickets, coins, rail tokens fit perfectly in these extra travel pockets

shirt jacket travel shirt color selection

Our 100% pure cotton travel shirt is available in bold-plaid pink or yellow with the same efficient "cargo shirt for the executive" styling with just a hint more casual feel than your typical dress shirt. It features a slightly longer hem with less curve at the hips to enhance your appearance even when worn outside your slacks.

travel shirt colors

Shirt Colors:

Pink Check (Pink Box Plaid)
Yellow Check (Yellow Box Plaid)

Shirt Fabric:

100% Cotton
Machine Wash


Standard: $145.00
Sorry! Not currently available in the U.S.
Custom Orders: Contact us

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