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Men's Wrinkle free Dress shirt

Wrinkle Resistant Worry Free Dress Shirt / Men's Business Shirt Line

Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirt / Men's Business Shirt Line

About this line of men's dress shirts

takinoDRESS: Easy-care, wrinkle resistant lightweight 50% cotton / 50% poly blend material with contrasting, dirt-resisting collar and cuffs makes this your new "go to" shirt for all occasions.

Takino Wrinkle Free Shirt Style:

Can't stand wearing sport coats, fanny packs or belt clips?
Tired of digging through bulging pockets but hate the thought of doing without the toys and gadgets you know and need even more?

We've got a great looking and practical solution for you here.

Our wrinkle free long-sleeved men's dress shirt is expertly tailored for a polished look that is the pinnacle of refined style. A bonus? This shirt line is constructed to hide and protect easily dirtied areas by using special contrasting colored fabric in those areas.

And for the practical? Your lines remain distinct and clean even when you fill up Takino's ten innovative multi-purpose pockets.  With the external appearance of -the dress shirt-, you can easily wear this shirt for work with or without a tie or dress it down for any occasion with a pair of jeans.

Only you will know just how much you hide beneath your cool and collected surface.

Shirt Pocket Reveal: Our 10 Assists to Your Game

dress secret reveal

reveal shirt secret

1. Double Pocket: Tickets, notes, business cards, credit cards fit safely here

2. Cell Phone Pocket: Our unique double layer construction prevents bulging.  The clever flap will prevent your cell phone or "go-to" PDA from falling out and breaking. You know what we mean

3. Pen Pocket: Some of you still carry pens and we respect you for it. For those of you who don't, you can use it for glasses as well

4. Multi-Pocket: Our takinoPLANNERS day planners fit in this pocket perfectly. You can add your own small notebook as well.

5. Wallet Pocket: This inside pocket securely holds your wallet (or your "life")

6. Safety Pocket: Because of the special closure on this pocket, you'll be safe carrying your passport, tickets and wads of cash

7. PDA / Work Phone Pocket:  You carry extra work devices, protect them here

8. Portable Music Player Pocket: Can't be without your music? This special pocket fits a Nano (no, not out Nanotechnology,; the MP3 player) and iPod or almost all other MP3 players

9. Key Pocket:The flap to keeps your keys from hiding from you

10 "Little Things" Pocket: Are you a mint addict? A gum chewer? A Chapstick fanatic? They go here, discretely

This shirt looks great on. Lightly fitted, Takino's dress shirt still has the innovative and hidden, multi-purpose pockets you've come to expect from us. Carry everything you need to without bulking up and being dragged down.

Dress shirt fabric close-up

Don't settle for anything less than hand-made quality at reasonable prices; takinoDRESS

Shirt Colors:

White raised fabric
White & light blue pinstripe
Pinstripe check

Shirt Fabric:

50% Poly, 50% Cotton Blend
Machine Wash


Standard: $115.00

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